UI Design

User interface design aims to enhance the visual, usability and technological interface. It adds satisfaction to the person using a product or a service. When getting started on a new interface, make sure to remember these fundamentals:-

  • Know Userís goals:- Userís goals are our goals, so we learn them. Then learn about userís skills and experience, and what they need. Find out what interface they like. By focusing on user requirements, we able to create an interface that lets them achieve their goals.
  • Use visual hierarchy:- We design interface in a way that allows the user to focus on what is more important. The size, color, and each element work together, creating a clear path to understanding our interface. A clear hierarchy will go great lengths in reducing the appearance of complexity.
  • Work on user feedback

As graphic and web designers, our job is not only create good looking stuff Ė itís to create stuff thatís actually easy to use and creates minimum user interface friction. In other words, we need to think how people are actually going to use our websites or apps and do our best to make their life easier. User interface design determines the quality of our experience while we use these systems and therefore determines the value of our experience.

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