Flash Web Design

Flash has always been a powerful application in the hands of professional web designers and graphic artists. If used effectively, it can be the magic wand turning your non-happening web identity in to performing just as the way you would want.

If you are planning on putting up a Flash website, you should know both the positive aspects of Flash as well as the drawbacks.

Positive aspects:-
  • Interactive movies, animation and menus are possible
  • Flash animation is easy to create and easy to view
  • Flash is independent of browsers and operating systems. It can be viewed correctly by anyone who has the Flash plug-in
  • Animated banner advertisements in Flash have higher click-through rates than static gifs.
  • Flash is good for website intros and adds zing to a site
  • Video works well in Flash applications. It doesnít need a plug-in thatís dependent on a specific operating system like Media Player or QuickTime
  • Search engines crawl text, not Flash intros and banners
  • Flash intros make the homepage take too long to load. Flash increases the size of the homepage
  • Audio files embedded in Flash increase download time. This can turn off visitors who might otherwise be interested in your site content.
  • Music and sound can be annoying to some readers.

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