• Window 8.1 over take window 8 in the market whereas window 7 remain on 50%

    Microsoft made its appearance remarkable in this May month with its latest operating system version. Where window 8.1 continuously growing its market share which is more than the earlier version of its window 8; apart from it window 7 is still growing with 50% share in the market. According to pie chart window XP is achieving more than 25% share from the market; despite traditional OS finally came to an end on this April season.

    The latest pie chart has shown the present report on Microsoft’s latest version:

    Window 8 and window 8.1 both has gained same share of 0.40 percent points from the market (from 12.25 to 12.64).

    Window 8 has slipped from its earlier gain from 6.36 to 6.29 percent (0.07 percent) while 8.1 had gained up from 5.88 to 6.35 (0.47 Percentage points)

    Window 8 bear biggest gain in past August month at 2.01 percentage points and get tremendous loss in November at 0.87 percentages points which continue to slip down. Still computer are selling with window 8 but Microsoft encouraging them to get free download it for window 8.1 users on their oldest version of Microsoft.


    Meanwhile, window 7 is still growing with its previous status and climbing back with 50% percentage points from the market; from 49.27 to 50.06 ( 0.79 percentage points).usually pie chart has shown that window 8 along with window 8.1 do better than window 7 does alone but some other month shown opposite as show yet. It’s not going to get surprise alas that Microsoft itself insist user to off window 7 due to struggling end up on it, just like current experiencing window XP version’s response in the market.

    History of previous version:

    Window vista gained points from 2.89 to 2.90 percentages (0.01 percentage points) while window XP dropped its dignity from 26.29 to 25.27 percentage points (1.02 percentages points). Unluckily it would have a biggest drop down for Microsoft.

    In 2013, Microsoft lost their share in every month except March, July and November and in 2014 window slipped in January and April whereas gained share in February and March and currently in May it gained points form 90.80 to 90.99 (0.19). OS X fell down from 0.23 percentages and Linux gained 0.04 percentages.

    Net application uses data for capturing the total visitor appearance on a particular website; they stated that 160 millions visitor make their visit each month by tracking 40000 website for its clients. StatCounter is another effective service to track out total market share moves; because company view approximate 15 billions pages view. It really a great move to track total users view than page but it is important to find actual ratio of moves because today user uses different operating device to look up anything. You will get corresponding data combined.

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