• ‘Virus wash out’, Google introduce virus total Uploader for OS X, raise Mac security on more malware attack

    Google has released calm breath taking news for Mac user that they can secure their important file from malware attack by virus total uploader for OS X.  It allowing Mac user to upload doubtful file for scanning and you can directly installed it for OS X 10.8 and 10.9 from ‘Virus Total (capacity is 8.52MB).

    There maybe many who doesn’t have any idea how to use it and how effective it could be; thus they can simply go online to check this tool and find out the various usage of it. This popular tool is helpful to rectify the suspicious file for scanning and it now available online you just go online and open ‘Virus Total’. The process of its usage very simple:


    Open the tab and right click on any file that you felt suspicious or had malware attack then select the relevant option from the context menu.


    • It can scan over 50 antivirus solutions when your drag and drop a file in the virus total uploader.
    • It can provide you detail of content that may have been suffering from malware attack when you drag and drop suspicious file in the virus total uploader.
    • Drag and drop a Mac application to the virus total uploader.
    • It allows a Mac user to find a file in which virus found; allow ‘Open with’ in finder the virus total uploader to scan a file.

    In September 2012, Google has acquired back total virus and promised that they will continue its modern feature to operate it independently.  The company publically announces its reviews on their goal without hiding anything and announces a public statement:

    “Hopefully this will lead to Virus Total receiving more Mac applications, diving deeper into an increasingly targeted OS by attackers and allowing antivirus companies and researchers making use of Virus Total’s backend to build stronger defenses against these threats.”

    No secret hidden behind it, Virus Total has become popular secure option among the Google employees too and now in term of general reconciliation it has attained tremendous response at any platform, because malware attack make them curious to adopt Virus Total.  This virus total uploader for OS X version is mostly useful to security industry or individual too who have an affair in security work. All Mac users can harvest an effective advantage of this secure software and it will help us to find out malware attack file direct through virus total uploader.

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