• Top five antiviruses and anti-malware app for android security

    Don’t cost your any money because android phone is not affordable every time; thus do to secure your android phone by downloading antivirus for security. The best mobile app not only provides detection of any virus on your phone rather it assures it from further malware attack with range of privacy and anti privacy features. Most mobile apps are in free and paid version; but not all antivirus created similar feature. Android protection has become main priority for all; malware has become hazardous than ever and then use it meticulously because people sometimes expect something more which encounter them malware problems. Here we provide top five antivirus apps for android by ranking.

    Rank: 1 AVAST! Mobile security


    Almost each window pc owner heard about AVAST. Over 7 million recommendation and millions reviews make it one of the safest antivirus version for android.  AVAST have many features like virus scanner, virus removal, scheduling scan period and even you can use firewall if you’re rooted down from virus attack. One of the best feature of AVAT it will protect your android from any Wi-Fi based attack. You can use if for free but may be cost for future upgrade; like your pc you can operate it as pc’s counterpart.

    Rank: 2 CM (Clean Master) security


    This android app has captured 3 millions reviews according to Google play store that’s why it rated it as top app for android. Last year AV-test; CM security app has gotten top rated because it scored 100% virus detection features. This app is responding fast, light weight and most important safe for use. This app is what we look for: million users, great rating on Google score card, desired result and most important free for use.

    Rank: 3 360 security



    Over 1.5 millions reviews and scored 4.5 rate; mostly it has been recommended heavy flow of 6 million times on Google.  This app is also featuring light weight, great concept and mostly free app. It’s simple to use and help to find virus attack. You will see that it help to check malware, vulnerabilities and cut out trash on your android.

    Rank: 4 Lookout Security and antivirus


    Lookout is one of the premier versions for android user. This app offers you regular guarding information over the air protection from malware attack, adware and spyware.  Almost all android users solely rely on this app for years because this app creates user loyalty. Like other it can protect your phone from virus but can also resolve the problem when your phone would have physically stolen. This app is completely free but pay on next purchase for upgrade.

    Rank: 5 AVG for free



    One of the best antivirus apps for android, AVG already has best antivirus for PC. Currently it boosts over 70 millions of user and comes with few standard features which lead it for future use. You will get protection from malware along with it you can protect web security, anti theft while using Google map, a task manager and battery monitor to help to manage battery life.

    Try all then you can ensure yet you can’t face anymore malware on your android.

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