• Top 7 Apps for Android Phones 2014

    The outdated and oldest mobile phone did not provide anything to its user but current mobile user submitted heavy positive reviews on android phone use. It keeps them advance and its pocket internet store keeps them aware for everything. If you have ever been in app store then you have noticed that it has introduced many new apps. A lot of app has released in every month but we are here top 7 apps for android phones in 2014.

    1. Link bubble

    Link Bubble

    It is definitely going to browse more response in next coming month because of its useful features. You can easily browse anything through your android device. This going to be one of the best apps ever I had seen; when you open any link and continue other app until other link is opening, and when open proper then it comes upon using app automatically it means no need to close any link and you can use two apps together.

    2. Photowall


    It works with chromecast, this app mainly for entertainment and fun store. This app brings healthier collaboration with your friends and with chromecast connection you can share photo with them. Share your photos on big screen.

    3. Timehop


    This app has given you a past memory back to restore in your current data folder. Where you went last year? What was your top hits photo on social media and which tweets make you attentive on the social networking sites. This app will restore all your memories with attractive design and you can use it for future. It is very easy and simple to use.

    4. URL shortener


    I know you thought that it like a boring app because you already heard about it but now it adds some new feature on it. This app also tracks those URL with dynamic and visual chart. You can see who is clicking on that link and any link can shorten with ‘Built in share’ option in android.

    5. Dollarbird


    Do you have your own calculator? This app can determine how much you spend on your shopping. It provides you personal pocket tracker which track how much amount you has spent. It will show you all expenses you had done with proper date and time.

    6. Auto finder

    auto finder app

    It will automatically identify your location if your device is installed into your car. When you’re riding anywhere that means this app will ensure you to drive in right direction and give you right location; even help to identify your vehicle parked if you have forgotten where you have parked.

    7. Hello SMS

    Hello SMS

    Hello SMS app will definitely ditch your android phone’s previous messaging application. It delivers two main facilities to you; first is it standardizes your SMS, MMS and group chatting with an app with marvelous UI based messaging interaction.

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