• The implementation of silly icons clarify sharing in apps

    Last week there is one more announcement in apps technology; “Share” is a becoming one more universal concept for all mobile user because in the apps user or every mobile user use it daily for any new implementation on their own devices and tablets. Here the apps bucket release one by one tremendous tool for their apps lover who really want to obtain good and useful apps on their mobile phone because they don’t want to use it for only making or receiving call.

    “Here’s a thing I want to put in an email, a text message, a status update, or a tweet”

    Designer Min Ming Lo points out:

    Yet he stated that the icons used to clarify that concept are not known and completely unique relying on the various medium, you’re applying for it. The use iOS on you’re your mobile latest version is something like a shorten file that you’re uploading on your mobile.

    He added that Android uses three interconnected dots; Windows uses a circle; others use a graph or even a wrapped gift. Which one’s perfect version for your mobile? That may be a matter of personal taste, but co-founder of Pixelapse has some ideas to implement something better on this sharing app for good user easiest navigation.

    If you want to know more about full stories about silly icon used on sharing in apps then head over to the company’s blog to see his argument.

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