• The Chrome release an amplification knock off overly popup on website

    I know you would ever wished to see those type of website which gives you convenient and readable experience because there may numerous website where a visitor cannot see the actual page content or even sometime photo because of too many popup inclusion. Thus now Chrome release an amplifier to knock off these type of annoying popup on a website and give a healthier or convenient experience to their user. You can download this app directly from ‘Google chrome web store’.

    There may be maximum website that bothered you by a popup like fill out our survey, congratulation you become our important visitor and more nonsense popup until you do not make you a register visitor which hidden the content of a website. I really fade up from this type of abhorring popup and recommend those website owner do not use this type popup because you cannot imagine this is the worst reason of lowering traffic on your website because visitor move on your website for information and you hide it from them and make them shouted by nonsense popup.

    There are many sites that will let you go further after closing, may some will take few time to close but simply few are not allowed you further without filling or staring their popup info. As you could not allowed to move forward or even you cannot no longer to close the tab in frustration behind this type of overlay of popup. If you can see the content or material behind the overlay then this Chrome extension will help you to kill out this popup and send you on website.

    If you still don’t get my point then see the below video and look at glance on above portion of my article then you can find that how effective it is. Due to overlay popup you neglect many informative website search but now chrome has totally wash out this problem for their visitor because they know how irritating it is when we really want to read out the content on a website but this type of stupid popup create barrier. Just one click will reach you directly to the content of a website, unless you haven’t an account till they will prompt you to register.

    There is list of many website on which BehindTheOverly worked; but they are far away from actual comprehensiveness. Here we examined many testing on this extension for a couple of day and haven’t yet hits any message it hasn’t be able to get rid of for me.

    Read out its official features:

    • There is no permission requirement.
    • Little known documentation with light weight; element from point browser’s function to find out the element that are in front with highest z index.
    • It has non intrusive feature; in which you will not encounter with any problems.  This extension will activate only when you click on its button thereby you could not face any navigational performance problem when you don’t use it.
    • Supporting in hiding highly DOM element when you are facing on a website.
    • Enables overflow auto of the body when overlay script hides it to disable the scroll of the page.

    The code is available for your survey at GitHub link below

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