• The Best 7 iOS Apps from April

    Welcome to the world of mobile phone where a person can see everything; what to see and what to need. It doesn’t matter which set you hold to use right now rather keen to enter right path for apps. April has recently passed out but gave ultimate apps store to the world with lost of furious and enthusiastic store to make healthier visit.

    Do you know that apps store has thousand of apps but still you get confused which has to be useful or which to be installed in your phone; then below we are mentioning 7 best ios apps which April month has present you and it really surprise iphone and ipad user fingers.

    1. Cyber Dust

    Cyber Dust

    Cyber dust has released by Mark Cuban, owner of Dallas Mavericks and also investor on ABC’s Sharp Tank; the main important feature of this app is that a user can send multiple text messages or pictures that will disappear after 30 second from entering. It protects your privacy from unwilling involvement of other; you can easily secure your conversation and photos like WhatsApp combined with snapshot.

    2. Carousel


    Last month, Dropbox has launched Carousel; it is new photo and video sharing gallery apps. It helps to add content combination from your Dropbox account that on your mobile devices; it will keeps your private conversation secret and share your special event with your friends or family and too can upload their also.

    3. Breeze (A handy fitness tracker)


    Breeze is all about tracking device of your step in a day. It helps to monitoring you targeted step which you had set into your apps and you can also call it ‘Fitness recorder’. It has a great M7 motion co-processor which helps to monitor your interactivities in a day. Like your alarm clock it can push or notifies you when you cross more step as exceed to targeted goal. Its like a fitness keep notes to your healthier body.

    4. Udacity (Small screen informing platform)


    Udacity was launched new apps to make their online learning platform more accessible to their iphone user but further company also introduced new video learning lesson on small screen user with  12 course and 26 open courses. They also launched offline mode through which a user can download video that can be viewed sans internet access.

    5. Gusto email apps


    Gusto email apps keep your mail box more accessible on different tab either go for important file or photos or attachment; you can easily find any mail through keyword like name, date, number, attachment name. This app help to connect on multiple Gmail account and also stay connect with Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail and Msn account.

    6. Reactr (Measure real expression)


    By installing this app in your iphone and Ipad you can easily track the expression of your linker. When you share your picture or video with your friends and family then you can easily capture instant expression of them. Select a reaction what you’re looking to receive and recipient share their expression with you.

    7. Opera coast


    It keeps you too fuzzy to open same URL many times and go for website but now Opera coast make your finger relax with permanent tab on right hand side tile. Instead of type URL you have website link directly, all you have to do on your home button option just apps on right side can make your open browser.

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