• Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO Walk on talk to buy NBA’s Clippers team

    This may has turned the fate of NBA’s Los Angeles clippers, they rose up in the air; but recently publish new stated that former CEO of Microsoft ‘Steve Ballmer’ was on talk to buy NBA’s clipper team. Steve scheduled a meeting with Shelly sterling, the wife of owner of clipper Donald sterling, to discuss on team purchase.

    Unlimited names have cropped up as possible candidates to take over the team, following the league’s decision to oust Donald Sterling over racially charged remarks revealed in an audio recording. But Microsoft former CEO Steve Ballmer, maybe surprise the team and some one by giving the worth $20 billion.

    TMZ report:

    On this Sunday afternoon, Steve scheduled a meeting with Shelly sterling at her Malibu, Calif, Mansion.

    Several reports claim another statement:

    Rather than fighting his ouster Donald Sterling has chosen to hand over control of the power of team to his wife so she can negotiate on its bidding while through public bidding or sale. However, according to NBA rules, such an ownership transfer can be denied by the league.

    In a report on the NBA’s website, the rule is laid out in clear terms:

    Article 14a of the NBA’s constitution, which deals with the consequences of termination of ownership, allows the interest of a terminated owner to be placed under the management and control of the commissioner

    Still, it intriguing the level of buying discussion for Ballmer either through conversation with Shelly sterling and direct with NBA’s.

    Los Angeles or Seattle:

    After making the eventually conversation regarding this purchase many are thinking on the question that whether clipper team will operate by Ballmer either end up in Seattle, Ballmer’s home or former home of Seattle supersonic which new known as Oklahoma City Thunder. It will not decided yet that the team moved to Oklahoma City, there has been various calls to give an NBA team back to the city’s aggressive fans based location. But in second act, maybe Seattle’s sports fans grant wishes to make Ballmer a local hero. But they still shouldn’t get too excited on it.

    Ballmer recent interviews wall:

    In a recent Wall Street Journal interview discussing a possible purchase of the Clippers, Ballmer indicated that he would not move the team.“If I get interested in the Clippers, it would be for Los Angeles,” said Ballmer. “I don’t work anymore, so I have more geographic flexibility than I did a year, year-and-a half ago. Moving them anywhere else would be value destructive.”

    Rebranding the clipper team:

    There maybe possibility that Ballmer used latest technology to rebrand their clipper team for polish the team image into the spotlight as earlier didn’t flourish yet.

    The arena of competition can yet make the Ballmer too excited to boost the team according to the current requirement. In future Ballmer known it very well that clipper team has to face Los Angeles team in future thus they used latest tool or tech to display the aggressiveness of the team.

    Another tech-powered franchise

    Clipper team purchase makes Ballmer second most Microsoft person who owns a NBA’s team.  The first man was ‘Paul Allen’, the owner of Portland Trailblazers. After taking the power of team, the overall profile of team raised rapidly and along with it the reputation of city’s reputation bring an attractive destination for players.

    Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, controlled as another technology mogul bringing the franchise its 1st championship in 2011. Like as it could be boosting of Ballmer for his clipper after analyzing corporate pedigree of this inconceivable of previous owner.
    “Some reports peg the possible price of the Clippers at $2 billion, a realistic number given the $2 billion sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2012”

    Here are some another name provoked as a new owner of clipper which included:

    David Geffen and Larry Ellison (as a group), an investment group led by former NBA player Grant Hill (a former Clipper) and a Chinese investment group led by former NBA player Yao Ming.

    See above photo in which both Ballmer and NBA commissioner spotted together during a Clippers playoff game just two week ago.

    But before anyone can buy the team the rest of the league’s team owners must first vote to approve the team being taken away from Donald Sterling. That vote is scheduled to be held on June 3”

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