• Space X demonstrates spacecraft can reused; carry 7 astronaut and land anywhere in earth

    Elon Musk, founder of space x released the news of today generation spacecraft; it can be fully reusable and can carry 7 astronauts and the spacecraft can land anywhere in the earth. Dragon V2, with its propulsion system and helicopter accuracy keep it advance technical spacecraft for new generation; the main feature of it that it is able to land “anywhere on earth” and for a several days it will be able to carry minimum 7 astronauts.

    Musk says:

    Musk said Dragon V2 is capable of docking autonomously, and that it can land either via the propulsion system or in the case that any engines aren’t working — deploy parachutes for a safe landing. Even after starting the propulsion system, it can afford to lose two engines and land safely — primarily because of upgraded powerful engines known as “Super Draco” thrusters. Apart from the convenience of a landing location, Musk notes that this is important because it enables rapid reusability of the spacecraft

    He adds one more statement:

    “You can just reload propellants and fly again”

    — This is going to become an extremely important invention for revolutionizing access to space. Because he stated that until we continue to drop or throw away rockets and many spacecraft into the space, we will never ever have real or actual accessibility signal to reach to space.  He said that it will always be incredibly expensive and demand more income to maintain its appearance until it cannot get its perfect shape. You can imagine the perfect scene when you will there with aircraft


    He said, “if aircraft were thrown away with each flight, nobody would be able to fly, or very few,”

    The verge report said that hope the launch of Dragon V will soon able to transport astronaut between international space station to the surface of the earth in nearly 2017-18.

    The Verge reports

    He spoke in previous speech that if a person is moving to Mars with their family then it could cost around $ 500,000 by 2029; and reusable rocket play an important part of his plan for spacecraft.

    Space x has huge customer contract which lead them an estimated $ 4 billion which maybe extended in 2017; because Space x claimed to have been cash balance for six year. The cash requirement includes the launches of satellite and need to transport cargo from earth to ISS (International space station)

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