• Federal jury found infringed on apple’s patent

    After three days conference, federal jury legally announced that there was an infringed in Apple’s patent which was awarded for $119 million. Jury determines some legal documentation: Jury had found that all Samsung phones infringed; U.S. Patent 5,946,647 “quick links.” They also ruled that U

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  • Microsoft released an emergency patches for IE to fix zero day flaw

    Microsoft announced its new invention, it released an emergency patches for IE to fix the flaw of zero day which was mostly spotted in the wild. Tester revealed that this hole was found in IE6 through IE11; and they ensured it was fully tested by professional and now ready to release for all affecte

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  • Facebook will soon launch open source more of the paper apps core technology

    Facebook recently announced that it will soon introduce its new open source more of the core technology at ‘f8 developer conference’. It will allow a user to certify their visit without hassling in the slowing moves of app. In a few weeks, company will launch this app in the market; it will uplo

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  • Do you know that Apple changes subscriptions options ?

    In 3 weeks Apple’s new key for in application purchases are go into effect and section 11.13 of the infinitely long document of legal jargon has been creating a lot of rumor. It stated that publishers, and in this case they create the list of magazines, newspapers, books, audio, video, had to pre

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  • LG Launch the new series with Android Kit i.e. L Series III

    Lg is again the first Smartphone-maker to get out of the blocks ahead  of Mobile World, the mobile production’s extensive annual ceremony, in the country Spain coming after this month. Brand new from advertising the G Pro 2 last week, the Korean firm has revealed the third generation of its affor

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  • How can SEO Services affect your website visibility??

    SEO Services plays an important role in the field of web promotion. SEO is the process which will help you to dominate among the top searches of search engines, if somebody is looking for your services over the search engine then they can easily find you out among the top searches which will ultimat

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