• Outlook add new feature which is mirror reflect of Gmail

    Microsoft, last Tuesday confirm audience that they adds some useful feature on outlook for its email clients which looks like as Gmail.  Microsoft wants to make their email client much more convenient and comfortable for them. This update really important for outlook user because it looks difficult to organize their email part as per their requirement; thus this new feature add new filter, organize your email, proper in-line reply and easiest chatting process.

    This newly created software has been introducing to alluring maximum user on ‘Outlook’ which previously known as ‘Hotmail’ in few months back. This new software allows Gmail user can regularly transfer their account to Outlook.

    Outlook now has converted its feature totally, its latest addition keep a user aware about new or old message came into their inbox; you can organize it according to your requirement. This is going to keep your email section advance and trendy which enable the user to set their email part customize. It helps a user to identify from where you got mail or which mail is unread.

    “With Advanced Rules, you now have more control over how your emails are sorted, filed or bumped to the top of your inbox,” Mike Schackwitz, Outlook’s lead program manager, said in a blog post. “You can create multi-condition and multi-action rules, and set your inbox to organize itself automatically.”


    Like Gmail’s chat on part, Outlook’s user can now consume comfortable chat on experience. Now you can easily send message or find out who is online yet. Outlook import chat on tab on bottom left hand side of your inbox and you can see your online friend or offline friend list on same tab. The main addition which adds more interest is that user can transfer their message or view on Skype, Facebook and Messenger; user can choose one of them within Outlook chat on option.


    By adding in –line reply user can easily reply to any message without going to new view tab. In earlier a user cannot reply until they did not open it on new view. Microsoft also added an undo button (ctrl+z works) that allows users to undo certain actions, including delete, categorize, flag, mark as junk or move.

    The new features will be rolling out gradually over the next few weeks.

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