• Now Google map apps on android and ios exempt user from route dilemma

    Google now announced some more eligible feature for android and ios user to find proper route map without encounter with heavy traffic.

    It will be very useful to newer who does not have proper route map and have to cross big distance. This app will ensure your drive in a free way and keep your palm free on steering. This new featured app allows you to know where to go and which to avoid but make sure that you did not miss any important direction. You can easily exempt your driving from unnecessary traffic if has stacked and find alternate way to go ahead.

    Google Map

    Main important feature of this app:

    “It always being a odd structure of offline use to store a map in their hand piece and they keep it again to ‘OK’ with catchphrase but It now addressed an effective feature to offline user that ‘Save map to use offline’ option in place of info sheet. You can then manage it with your profile page either with name or special phrase.

    maps for offline

    What about them who does not own a car?

    If a person walk with feet then this app will allow them a right street direction to walk; Google will assist you with constant Uber integration. If you already installed this app then it will guide you proper street ride direction along with its other transit option. It is faster than taking bus or train; it is likely to book a car within smaller duration.

    Google Map for Android

    Google say, It’ll throw you across to the official Uber app to complete your order, which is a neat touch.

    Google is also going to add some more features on search filter of restaurant, hotels, and bars; including its price, hours and deals. This would be rolling blast to android, ipad and iphone user.

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