• Microsoft with Imagine Cup announce its finalists with VIP judge ‘Satya Nadella’

    From last 11 year, Microsoft has been organizing worldwide imagine cup software competition in which Microsoft invites the best software student to the world’s final team in this competition. This year Microsoft declares the final list of student who has passed their previous stages of competition; the VIP judge include who will inspect or analyze the skill of the finalist in final round are Microsoft CEO Mr. Satya Nadella, Reddit General Manager Mr. Erik Martin and Co-founder Mr. Hadi Partovi. This competition last year held in Russia’s St. Petersburg. This year competition will be held in Microsoft backyard Seattle from July 29 to 2nd of August. The company declared the team of 35 students those will participate in the final round of the competition.

    This year Grand total of the student:

    Over 1.75 million students are participating in this competition this year and they came from more than 190 countries from the world which has cross the last year record of participated students. From last 11 year Microsoft almost repeated same consideration in the competition which mainly focus on ‘world citizenships’ challenges which make question to put some written notes on social goods but now it made some different topic which would be innovation and entrepreneurship.


    Microsoft now elevate the way of this competition from previous agenda that quit little bit form of earlier notes; it now focus on side by side innovative technology and categorize the world’s citizenship.

    The lead of Microsoft’s Imagine cup John Scott Tynes says:

    John Scott Tynes said the major changes in this competition that this year we add some smaller challenges from the early stage of the competition which rewarded with cash prizes to winner. He spoke it will help the student to refine their project with the help of this addition. Students have to draw a pitch in the form of video as well as have to build a blueprint sample for their application and also develop a mock up for user interface. This idea will help the team to get down the way to the final track early, though there is no other requirement left for finalist to participate in any other challenge.

    He adds one more statement, ‘almost half of the team that made it into the semi-final round this year had participated in the earlier challenges though.

    As almost, the finalist always cover bunches of big challenges then they came as a showstopper.  In this competition there are number of hardware centric group and one the group came from Japan those built a robotic teddy bear that can be controlled by kinect and nail polish painter, it was developed by the female group who came from Bahrain. Other invention includes: anaemia screening tool used by anybody with a Smartphone and this mobile apps will provide you a snap picture of your food with full nutritional information about it.

    Here is full list of finalist:

    Category Team Name Country Project Name
    Games Liaison Team Brazil Liaison
    Games Illogic Egypt Puppy in Bubble
    Games AnarTeam France Anarcute
    Games Spotlight Games Germany Mr. Skyjump
    Games Genesis Greece Dementia: Tales of
    Blackthorn Manor
    Games Seven Summits India Petite
    Games Team NewAge Jamaica Project Exit
    Games Bomon Korea Under bed
    Games Animus Philippines FitPals
    Games Brainy Studio Russia TurnOn
    Innovation ButterFly Bahrain Nail Polish Mixer
    Innovation Chemicalium Bosnia and
    Innovation claVision Canada claVision (Visual
    Automatic Piano Music Transcription)
    Innovation ij Developers Cyprus LADYBUG
    Innovation Tep Hungary Tep
    Innovation Reverse Italy Reverse
    Innovation Kazokugurumi Japan Kazokugurumi
    Innovation Meep New Zealand Meep
    Innovation Vanguard United Kingdom Ripple
    Innovation Uruguay flipped
    Innovation Food&Gram Venezuela Food & Gram
    World Citizenship Eyenaemia Australia Eyenaemia
    World Citizenship Imagine The
    China PersePhone
    World Citizenship Access Earth Ireland Access Earth
    World Citizenship High Rise Nigeria CATARA
    World Citizenship Amplifiers Pakistan Project AMP
    World Citizenship Power of Vision Poland Face Controller
    World Citizenship The Dians Portugal Nuada
    World Citizenship I Copy You Qatar Mimicking Robot for
    Autistic Children
    World Citizenship SMT Romania sMilestone
    World Citizenship BarFoo Serbia Sonochrome
    World Citizenship SMART crew Taiwan Versatility of
    Usens: From Lab to Life
    World Citizenship AfriGal Tech Uganda mDex
    World Citizenship Grant Fellow United States Grant Fellow


    Scott says the winning prize will be $50,000 cash prize and the company will wish to continue with the group for finishing their project. He said, the most innovative project will automatically certify as a Microsoft venture’s accelerator program. The winner of the game competition will be invited to the Pax Dev and Pax Prime event in Seattle to present the wining games, and the winner of the world citizenship will get return trip to Seattle by the company. It includes helps from Microsoft’s engineer and the non profit organization of the world to enhance the better innovative technology impact on further projects.

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