• Microsoft announce ‘Xbox One’ set for India on 23rd of September

    Microsoft is coming with new release of Xbox one set for Indian people; they will introduce it on this upcoming September month and decided date was fixed on 23rd September, 2014. They again announced that they will introduce this Xbox one set consol in the big market of the India on this September month.

    The company keeps its price of Rs.39, 990 along with many features such as Xbox one consol; one wireless controller and 14 days trial for become member of Xbox life gold.

    We saw same priced set of Sony PS4 in India but Microsoft introduced same priced gaming consol set after Sony PS4. But it should be noted that it does not work on new Xbox one if we play it from Xbox 360 and this consol does not require regular internet connection for gaming function in new Xbox one.

    Here are quick look on new Xbox one gaming consol:

    1. Tech specs

    Microsoft has managed this gaming consol in different category where every types of user can drive according to their desire. It includes various features:

    • 8GB DDR3 RAM, Blue ray drive, and 500GB on board hard drive with HDMI In and out.
    • Microsoft allow user to add more external drive in their gaming set and also in future update
    • It contain 8 core CPU and GPC SoC (it refers to system on a clip), and this SoC module is basically crafted by AMD.
    •  Supports 802.11n Wi-Fi as well as USB 3.0 connectivity.

    Hardware part side:

    • X86 architecture is one the main important feature of this Xbox one gaming consol which is share by PS4.
    •  Thanks to this web development community whose effort brings us more familiar on gaming application which could lead to a proliferation of console-purposed apps.

    2. Kinect

    Microsoft says kinect is completely bundled with thing gaming consol. It upgrades kinect sensor which now come with better camera option on it for user and body detection movement feature etc. the camera has 1080p capability to capture click with full HD resolution and can capture wide angel shots from any distance. Another feature in Xbox one is video at 60 frames per second.   Another interesting cool feature of this sensor is it can actual readout your heartbeat or even can tell you if user is smiling or not.

    Voice controller features on kinect now allow user to talk with it to order for any task like open any tab or setting then open your profile.  With the help of kinect user can convey to turn off consol and it also has feature to recognize the gesture of the user with the help of hands.

    3. New Xbox controller

    The new Xbox controller has impulse trigger feature which will make a user vibrate when they are playing the game with this Microsoft trigger feature and it feels like force feedback when they’re playing game.  Instead of using clunky and criticized design like 360 controller Microsoft re-designed its D-pad controller. They select better option which potentially gives healthier experience when user is playing fighting fame.

    It has also 30 feet wireless range and user can play game distance without interruption due to low connectivity. Seamless profile and controller pairing with kinect connectivity bring a user good connection and add ones like chat headset. It does not include touch screen feature like Sony PS4 but company confirm that gamer can use controller same as on PC and they can get same driver for use here.

    4. Xbox live

    On this voice command section people can use it as a TV guide. This live voice commending feature display you popular shows which now running among your friend and community. You can watch out TV show by switching instant gaming portion.

    The user can use other function on same consol because it contains deeper support of Smart glass which can be use in your Smartphone and iphone on the gaming consol as a secondary function like changing channel. There’s also a dedicated game Digital Video recorder to capture and share your winning moments with friends during a game.

    5. Snap mode and other apps

    This feature on Xbox one can allow a user run two app simultaneously. As you saw on Skype that already allow its user to make a call while another activities is running on same Xbox. Like Skype  on Xbox there is window 8 interface along with OS and you can switch which you like to use or not.

    Microsoft adds 45 new entertainment app which bulked with many portfolios like Vine, HBO GO and Twitter.

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