• iOS 8 announce new code for apps which allow running in split screen mode

    With this new release of ios 8, there is rumor publishing in keynote that Apple is aiming to set same platform like Microsoft by introducing its multi tasking split screen code for app. But in company WWDC keynote; they solely deny from it- in its keynote preview feature and work were not implementing on it like Microsoft’s application devices. But developer Steve Troughton Smith has found code in ios 8 that allow running of two app side by side; and he further suggested that Apple has pay deep concentration on it and worked on this idea with latest implementation but if it’s not yet ready to display any result of any material in the market.

    When company encounter from the sound of this rumor then Apple has made search upon an approach which Microsoft resemble ‘snap’ functionality in which they preview the functionality of the device which enable the apps to resize on the screen according to its preference or compatibility.

    But news leaked out just before the release date still not yet ready to display their primetime news with features. Therefore Apple will announce it when its final version of iOS8 is going to be launch soon in the market.


    Steve Troughton Smith says:

    This new ios 8 will allow an app to cover half of the screen, single quarter or three quarter. He again stated that this new theory will allow you to use two app on same device; you would be able to have twitter app which take half portion of the display along with other display like Netflix, Safari and more can receive majority of screen display.

    Steven Troughton-Smith writes on his Twitter account:-

    So… just in case there was any doubt left… iOS 8’s SpringBoard has code to run two apps side-by-side. 1/4 size, 1/2 size, or 3/4 size

    — Steve T-S (@stroughtonsmith) June 9, 2014

    SpringBoard has code that will let you run two apps side-by-side at two different sizes: A fourth of full size, a half of full size and three-fourths of full size.

    The company still keep secret feature of iOS8 until it will not be to finalize full structural package with proper implementation. Company decided to reveal full detail of its feature on final event of announcement. They announced a bunch of other great features including actionable notifications that bring you capability to give respond to messages without even leaving the notifications center, widgets that will similarly pop up in your notifications center and new QuickType technology that will provide better predictive typing. But company is doing work on rumor and codes, means no guarantee by split screen functionality on it.

    The first iOS 8 beta has been already leak out for a week now and the final version is expected to be announce in this upcoming big launch in September.

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