• How to Link Google analytic with Google Webmaster?

    Google webmaster is now allowing its user to interconnect with their Google analytic account without opening it into new tab. The main benefit of it that people can easily access to the Google analytic account to recognize the circulation of search engine optimization on your site.

    According to Google:

    “By linking the two accounts you will be able to “View your Google Analytics Referring Pages report directly from the links to your site page in Webmaster Tools” and “access the Google Analytics Dashboard directly from the Analytics link in the top left bar when you’re on a site-related page.”

    Google provide free Google analytics for tracking your site status related with any part in a website. It tracks all information and statistics about website traffic, source of traffic and nature of the traffic. Nature denotes, whether visitor source is organic or fake, referrals or direct. Wit the help of it you can also look up your advertising, PPC networks and email marketing programs are running online. It can track real time visitors and their locations accurately. You can have a proper idea about demography of your site as you can see language, locations, total visits, Average page visits, Average visit duration, percentage new visits and bounce rate on a website. A user can easily access to their Google analytical account and without getting new tab they can directly attain site page report on webmaster dashboard.

    Here is some simple step to interconnect your Google analytic account with webmaster tool:

    1. Log in to your Google analytic account

    2. You’ll find three options on left hand corner; you need to click one by one: Traffic source, search engine optimization and queries. After clicking on queries option then you will have this page below with message


    ———You are not able to access this section, webmaster tools page required———-

    3. You have to click on the option which displayed yet in front of you: set up Webmaster Tool data sharing tab

    ———It will drag you directly property setting page———–

    4. You just need to click on: EDIT tab

    You will see all the web properties through webmaster tool then you can select the property which you would want to share with Google analytical account.

    Webmaster Tool

    5. Simply click on: ADD A SITE TO WEBMASTER TOOL

    Now your Google analytical and Webmaster tool account are interconnected with each other.

    Link to Webmaster


    Traffic Sources ==> Search Engine Optimization ==> Queries ==> Set up Webmaster Tools data sharing ==> Edit ==> Add site to Webmaster Tools.

    “I hope my effort will shorten your problems while interconnecting your both account”

    WISH you will get your account very easily

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