• How to delete iphone app from your phone application library?

    You may find your iphone becoming disorganized because some apps may no longer be of use, or want to remove those apps that get little use.  You can easily remove unnecessary and unwanted apps from your phone library Home screen or you can determine which apps to keep on your iphone by selecting them in iTunes and syncing with your computer. Here I am explaining the step by step process of removing iphone app from your phone library.

    Deleting app from your iphone home screen:

    1. If you are running any game or other app in your iphone then push the close button and reach on home screen.

    2. After closing previous opened app then press the app icon until it will not get shaking.

    3. Then next step would be tapping the small ‘X’ button on the icon of any app that you want to delete from your phone’s library; which followed the delete button in the dialog box that appeared on the same screen.

    4. Once you have removed your unnecessary app from your iphone home screen then next will be press home button to lock or place the remaining app on their actual place.

    Deleting app via iTunes:

    Above mention process maybe easier then removing app via iTunes but here we can explain it also in simple format which really give you convenient process.

    1. By using USB cable connect your iphone to your computer and after getting right connectivity then launch iTunes if it doesn’t open automatically.

    2. Device list in iTunes select your iphone from it and after selecting right iphone app gallery the open the app which you do not need for longer.

    3. In the “Sync Apps” section Scroll through the list of apps and determine it deeply and check the boxes of any apps you want to remove from your iphone.

    4. Click the “Sync” button, followed by the “Remove” button in the dialog box that appears. Your unwanted apps are removed from the iphone during synchronization.

    Tips fro fresher:

    • You need to have USB cable because it is mandatory
    • You can re-download any of removing app from your iphone or iTunes with the help of iTunes app store for free.

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