• Google release chrome 35 version with new API and JavaScript features for touch inputs

    With its previous addition Google add one more newly develop software for developer and that is latest chrome version 35 for touch inputs like Windows, Linux and Mac. This version is mainly for developer; especially those are developing web content portion and apps for mobile devices. It doesn’t have any new feature for any targeted end user; you can aware for our latest update by using browser’s built updater or directly download it from Google. Com/chrome

    Here are some updates of version 35 by Google:

    • Developer compatibility on any touch device
    • Introduction of new JavaScript features
    • Unprefixed shadow DOM
    • Unlimited new apps  and Extension of API
    • Hoods changes with stability and performance

    Google promised developer that they will able to operate any touch inputs with more zooming feature. Touch action CSS property bring a developer to use declarative mechanism to choose any disable touch scrolling, pinch zooming and double tab zooming on parts of their web content.  Unfortunately chrome 35 beta has it but now have been delayed. With Ctrl Key modifier set web content on your desktop computer will now receive mouse scroll wheel event. It will give developer to sustain something different triggering browser zoom features which now Google provides with an example of Google Maps, as you can zoom it on your entire WebPages.


    Google chrome versions 35 promised three main functions on JavaScript which they define as ‘ECMAScript 6 standard:

    1. Promise

    It might be not important yet but will be valuable in future. It meant to create writing cleaner asynchronous code.

    2. Weakmap/ Weaksets

    It helps the developer to create efficient and garbage collected structure of any website. If there is no other reference material on garbage then it will collect as references and will store in Weaksets; this will help to avoid memory leaks.

    3. Object observe

    It helps the developer to maintain the JavaScript section of a website. Callbacks can observe object changes and one single change help a developer to maintain the observation part of a website; it will help them to receive any change in a single object through single asynchronous call.

    Google also add one more support feature on Unprefixed shadow DOM; it already released in chrome 25 but now addition brings developer to composed better Development concept of HTML, CSS, and hide the implementation of  complex component. All these will keep reliable user interface with compatibility on any device; and also create their stunning API with custom element.

    CSS font loading feature bring dynamic font load resource for developer. Paint order property brings developer to create or operate fill, stroke and markup property in a website.

    Last but certainly not least, Chrome 35 also addresses 23 security issues, of which Google chose to highlight the following:

    • [$3000][356653] High CVE-2014-1743: Use-after-free in styles. Credit to cloudfuzzer.
    • [$3000][359454] High CVE-2014-1744: Integer overflow in audio. Credit to Aaron Staple.
    • [$1000][346192] High CVE-2014-1745: Use-after-free in SVG. Credit to Atte Kettunen of OUSPG.
    • [$1000][364065] Medium CVE-2014-1746: Out-of-bounds read in media filters. Credit to Holger Fuhrmannek.
    • [$1000][330663] Medium CVE-2014-1747: UXSS with local MHTML file. Credit to packagesu.
    • [$500][331168] Medium CVE-2014-1748: UI spoofing with scrollbar. Credit to Jordan Milne.
    • [374649] CVE-2014-1749: Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other initiatives.
    • [358057] CVE-2014-3152: Integer underflow in V8 fixed in version

    Google thus spent at least $9,500 in bug bounties this release. These fixes alone should push Chrome users to upgrade as soon as possible.

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