• Google publicly launches an online form for EU user; request them to stay out outdated link

    The latest invention of Google, An online form which let requests the EU user to delete outdated link from their data. Google say to applicant that it will assess the request of each individual which lead proper balancing figure between privacy rights with the right’s of the publics; know as well for security.

    || “When evaluating your request, we will look at whether the results include outdated information about you, as well as whether there’s a public interest in the information—for example, information about financial scams, professional malpractice, criminal convictions, or public conduct of government officials” ||

    Successfully removed or deleted link can be dropped only from Google specific version for EU users – “Search engine Land report state this report”, but they said that still it can be seen on


    The original story has lot to know:

    The court of justice of the European Union (EUJ) release one rule earlier this month that a person has a right to delete or remove any outdated information or content if he or she find that was old or not ideal then they can totally remove that material from search engine result page.

    Right to forgotten rule which was proposed by European Union in 2012, was given an authority to a person that they may have request or call to delete or remove any irrelevant or outdated information from the company’s service panel or which may being live on the web.

    Mario Costeja Gonzalez, Spanish man:

    He was the man, who first ruled upon such kind of outdated information; his name revealed from 16-year old article about the financial difficulties faced at the time when he was selling his property and he want to remove this story which was live on web.

    On this Friday, 30 May Google will launch this mechanism, Google co-founder Larry Page announced it on his interview with Financial Times Reports.  It let them European user to remove information which they find outdated and damage their image.

    separate FT story speaks out another tone:

    They announce that this will be an easy and simple online request submission form for EU user; user can easily submit their requests. Google is also announced same story in their interview, they will be planning to introduce a committee consisting of third-party experts who will always ready to help hold hearings in Europe and provide them advice and suggestion if required on how to deal with the company’s new duties or policies regarding such privacy issues for management panel.

    According to the FT:

    Larry Page says that Google already work on this type of public interest that given how Google already has mechanisms for deleting child pornography and copyright infringement results, he said this is not displaying any new alignment to all as earlier they made same for children or adult interest on Google because it takes request over privacy policies. However, he said that public figures always looking to destroy this type of embarrassing personal information that really removed because it will very likely disappointed them — either Google can accept request or reject it if they find information is come within the “public interest.”

    “Already, Google has received plenty of fresh take down requests after the court ruling”

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