• Google maps introduce new transport feature with Dragon, Loc Ness Monster and Royal carriage

    When you hope to certify your Google map reliability online then here are some more addition made by Google map; A Dragon, The Loc Ness Monster and Royal Carriage. These entire features are quiet enough to make mix theory of your route map effectively with more features. You mostly see route direction when you plan your map but with it you will usually see different transportation option like driving , walking, train, bus and metro route which really is quiet the mixture of secret.

    We have already advice you about this Easter eggs of Google Map, which should bring you silent laugh as you get a bird eye view of UK.

    Loc Ness Monster:

    Despite the possibility of any real evidence that point to drive people to its existence because this mythical beasties regularly draw the people to the Scottish Highlands. Until anyone can take a right action to prove that it doesn’t exit though with surety of doubt on it; long surviving people live with endure this mystery for long period.

    If you are fan of this transportation icon then you can see yourself that in Google map it just a track between Fort Augustus and Urquhart Castle.  The company says it is quickest track than the bus route because it takes only 28 minutes to reach.

    Loch Ness Monster

    Royal Carriage:

    I will not get surprised if someone tells me that the Queen of England does not use Google map herself because I am not sure anyone has ever asked her that does she use Google map or not. This Google map transport option gives a royal transport direction to the families those belong to royal families. Google provide royal carriage as a mode of transport from Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. Both building gets iconic appear for royal families and their journey; Google says that it can takes roughly one hours and 15 minute to finished the track.

    Royal Carriage


    You will hear the name of Oxford and Cambridge; then you also know the punting too. This is specially laid back form transport service in these cities for tourist in summer. It is a flat bottomed boat on shallow or Narrow River for tourists that mainly describe the identity or characteristics of these two cities. Student mainly use these laid boat to earn some extra amount for their next semester. (READ ALSO:- Now Google map apps on android and ios exempt user from route dilemma)

    Google map will give you route guide if you want to travel from Magdalene College and Mathematical Bridge (Cambridge) or Magdalen College and Wolfson College (Oxford) by water, Google has given you two covered direction enter one of these two into navigation of its service and voila then you will see punt as a form of guide supporter to you.



    A quick recap as earlier Google map spotted Ester egg last week. If you wish to travel from the route between Snowdon and The Breacon Beacons in wale then Google will advice you Dragon as your travel assistance. When you are on the ride then it gives you red dragon sign with adorn feature on welfish flag which I think future sign of Daenerys Targaryen that will soon grace our world with rapacious Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion in tow.


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