• Google disclose its self monitoring car with no brake and pedal

    Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin announces most innovative invention of their team that they launched a car but without steering and brake pedal. Company built number of prototypes cars from their scratch lists.

    Google invent such a car in which you would not find any human interruption means no driver to control it. Use of software and sensor replace the effort of human on controlling brake pedal, steering and accelerating pedal.

    self-driving cars

    Google stated one more statement that if you want to get it quickly then it will bring you to the targeted destination through push button. The feature in it as simple likes other automobile or vehicle; a person can sit without confusion of its controlling panel.  You can adapt it for different uses and it will transport you at the push of button.

    Main important feature of Google self drive car are:

    • They mainly focus on safety with sensor monitor equipment it can help you to drive in a right direction
    • With sensor equipped it remove blind spot and can recognize an object which is far distance away from you; more than two football field distance from you which really work on busy street way because of busy intersection
    • They has limited their first prototype vehicle at speed of 25 MPH

    Inside features includes:

    • It provides light on comfort feature inside which bring them never ever luxurious comfort
    • It has two seats with seatbelts and you can get closer to your partner without pushing any button between you and him because you can see right direction from screen display in front of your seat

    Google is now going to plan hundreds of prototype cars in this summer to make driver’s manual control over car with comfort and drive will start plying it on road with earlier test version of manual control car. After all Google is intending to reveal small pilot program in California over the coming next couple of year.

    “Google says”

    “We’re going to learn a lot from this experience, and if the technology develops as we hope, we’ll work with partners to bring this technology into the world safely”

    In term of business betterment for self driving car either Google could partner with car service Uber or build Uber like service by itself.

    Google self driving car developer stated that we have to wait for sometime; when this invention should not be commercialized in the market.

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