• Google build glass plays more convenient with Smartphone

    Google yesterday release one of its interesting software update of Glass Play on your Smartphone; this update was a My Glass app for android. When you will have taken photos now you can take it instantly compatible in your device in which you can easily use filter and share these photos via whatever photo sharing service are available on your device; this option not just create on Glass only.

    This announcement is very useful to them who own this Glass app for several months because it sounds like a great improvement for user who really gets convenient experience while sharing their photos using Glass. When you connected with Wi-Fi Glass automatically update or back up your photos sharing support on Google+, while if you want to share or update your photos on Facebook or Twitter then it would takes tapping through multiple layer of the interface and dictation caption option to make your sharing convenient. I wish I would like to try that last step that would access me to directly keyboard.

    With this new update, there is no other major issue while it gives filter option to make our photos sharing tab more convenient on our android. Filter option can be useful to Glass’s display because it has been help to skim out any pain on it.

    There may be few places where this new Glass updates bring a great accessibility for more complex interface helpful to Glass users. For instance; if you want to search for destination on Glass when you navigate Google map on it then it would find but when you don’t have any destination information then it isn’t helpful; how it could give proper information about road map when you really don’t know where you’re going.

    But it would be directly reach to your Google account if you do a Google Maps search on your Mac, a card will display in the Glass interface offering you proper information and navigate your search to that address. It’s really convenient and delightful to walk out the door, put on Glass, and instantly know where you’re headed right now.


    When you already used many other gadgets throughout your day and deem that are very outdated when you will get Glass best leverages. There’s certainly incentive for them not to: there may be some who deem Glass as redundant if having functionality need the use of a Smartphone.

    They ignore effective benefits comes with Glass such as Visual notifications in which a person can see more information that he had fix on watch face. You can full notification on your android screen with the new software release of Google.

    Steve Lee, Glass product management director, replied after questioning my worried on the feature of My Glass more useful:

    ||We want the user to have the best experience possible, Period. There are experiences that are just naturally better on Glass, like capturing moments while living them. If it enhances the user experience, we want to make sure those experiences can extend to other platforms regardless of whether it’s iPhone, Android or desktop. When it comes to photo editing — cropping, filtering, etc. – that’s clearly easier on a phone. This functionality is something that our Explorers have asked for, so we wanted to be sure to deliver it to them||

    “In the recent argue made by Mat Honan he said that notification are going to rule upon Smartphone interface

    Due to these argument and give and take clarification is the main reason of yet people did not get it. People are still using to navigation to specific app to do a specific work and reach to do any task or getting more particular information, yet not responding to any specific contextual update as they had happened.

    Smartphone notification interface bring mindset to many people used to that by time glass is getting to release for consumer.

    Google lets start to make developer on board with more addition to make feature easy as possible as to transmission of notification display on Glass acting more better to perform a particular task on the device which suite the task; thus device give more sense to peoples.

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