• Galaxy Mega 2 – the latest Godzilla of Smartphone

    Samsung, recently launched Samsung Galaxy Mega 2, the newest Godzilla of Smartphone world. Whenever you purchase Smartphone then size matter and especially when it comes to your own phone size because if you already hold biggest size with good function then you would be looking for better one.

    Samsung Galaxy Mega 2, the latest version of Samsung Galaxy mega store; according to FCC filling it will live up at its moniker.

    Main feature includes:

    The screen size of the phone is app.7 inches which really belongs to size of a pencil and surpasses its mega processor around 0.7 inches. This unique feature makes it one of the greatest models of android phone pieces as we all know yet.


    FCC recently approved one device, it would have be unknown if any wireless carrier will supply the new phone.  Android central predict that this phone ranges are come under the contracted of AT & T, as Samsung made other phone contracted under this act.

    It’s uncertain to declare that whether the phone ranges will introduce in the United State or in Asia only. Additionally, it’s yet not declares the actual price of it which has not made available yet by the company. They certainly priced its original Mega cost $499 without contract addition.

    If we compare its price with Apple’s 16 gigabyte iphone 5S weighs in at $649 sans contract.

    “Other features included in the new phone have not yet been released by Samsung”

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