• Firefox OS 1.3 now come out with new dual Sim support feature; autofocus continuity, flash, smart app and more

    Last evening Mozilla announced new Firefox OS 1.3, they released it for their partner to implement it on their Smartphone collection.  It has a lot useful feature to user as well as developer; and it will become a first ever phone which has feature of ZTE open C, which now available on eBay for sale from today.

    Firefox, DSDS support (dual Sim dual standby); user can expect it with latest feature of operating. It gives a user to manage their phone with two lines on compatible phone; it’s going to an emerging feature in the market.

    DSDS let bring an authority to user that they can operate their dual Sim phone individually and keep messaging or calling with same outlet; bring a Sim manager interface.

    It adds some feature for camera; 1.3 versions keep a user camera on autofocus mode with flash support but depend on phone compatibility. Gallery app bring content management feature to user according to month specification such as date of received file, size and improvement in content.

    Mozilla provide music player controlling feature to the user, it gives them facility to manage the music player tab easily and can play FM through phone’s loudspeaker. User can find number of app from Firefox marketplace, add some smart app collection.

    Firefox Music-controls

    It is providing automatic facility to add some features on your home based screen such as game, social, music and more. Firefox gave well structure messaging facility; this operating system will automatically reach a user from SMS folder to MMS folder if you add any video or audio. If message will not deliver at the time of sending then it will save in draft and a user will get notification when recipient received it.

    You can forward MMS to email addresses; POP3 and email speech and notification now will supported with this feature. Bluetooth file can be transfer through email whether you want to send one photo or mp3 file can be simultaneously supported with other device.

    “Scrolling performance is improving with short up starter time; calendar, camera and address book open easily with short period.  1.3 version support many language such as Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Traditional Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Cyrillic & Latin), Slovak, Spanish, and Turkish”

    Mozilla reveal special feature for developers are as follows:

    Firefox OS 1.3 version also includes some useful feature for developer:

    Other developer features include:

    • NFC enablers have been added, starting with the availability of the Web NFC API. Developers will be able to begin experimenting with NFC pairing and tag reading in their apps, with additional NFC functionality coming in futures updates.
    • This release is based on Gecko 28 and includes several new Web APIs. Shared workers enable more powerful data processing and resource sharing so developers can write faster applications. Among the new APIs, Speaker Manager gives developers access to the phone’s speaker allowing application such as the FM Radio to be listened to without headphones. The WebIcc Manager API, which allows support for multiple SIM cards, has also been updated. The RTSP streaming framework has been completed as has support for audio streaming, allowing developers to leverage their existing music technologies to target Firefox OS users.

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