• Federal jury found infringed on apple’s patent

    After three days conference, federal jury legally announced that there was an infringed in Apple’s patent which was awarded for $119 million.

    Jury determines some legal documentation:

    Jury had found that all Samsung phones infringed; U.S. Patent 5,946,647 “quick links.” They also ruled that U.S. Patent 8,046,721 “slide-to-unlock” was infringed by some Samsung products

    Other determination issued by jury:

    The patents pertaining to universal search (U.S. Patent 6,847,959) and background synchronization (U.S. Patent 7,761,414) were determined not to be infringed upon.

    In earlier Judge Lucy Koh had already infringed Apple, U.S. Patent 8,074,172 “word suggestions” and they also be responsible to determined infringed further.

    U.S patent 6,226,499 also found infringed by jury after determination which not only camera and folder organization; Korean company awarded $158,400, which had called for $6.2 million for damage.  Apple found infringed in third patent of Samsung product but second patent 5,579,239 “video transmission functionality” Had not been infringing.

    Apple and Samsung

    After four week deep deliberation, two branded powerhouse of smart phone had claimed against this violation in court.  Even Samsung had found infringed in 2012 for its six Apple patent and that time it was awarded with $ 930 million.

     “Jury found some eccentric twist that Samsung had awarded zero dollar for infringement”, therefore jurors provide them approximate half an hour to short out this issue due to over converting matter jury gave two option either revert back on same evening or return on Monday; jury decide return on Monday

    Update: A Samsung spokesperson declined to comment to TNW, noting that “it is inappropriate to comment while the jury is still deliberating.”

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