• Facebook will soon launch open source more of the paper apps core technology

    Facebook recently announced that it will soon introduce its new open source more of the core technology at ‘f8 developer conference’. It will allow a user to certify their visit without hassling in the slowing moves of app. In a few weeks, company will launch this app in the market; it will upload an important code to Display Node to Git Hub.  This technology will develop for asynchronous user interface especially for paper; it will allow a user to render huge amount of object on the screen without awry in the speed of the app.

    “It still needs to test this code a bit more, but that it will be open for beta in the coming weeks”- Facebook speech.


    It will definitely help developers, simple and accessible user interface keep it smooth functional app. This gone be an important app which help to use realistic and touch gesture animated effects like a bounce and spring.

    “If the main thread of an app stalls, Facebook said, that’s okay for a basic app, but if you use a physics-driven UI, those kinds of stalls immediately become apparent to users”

    Why Facebook rewrite this theory?

    Older app, simple layout with rendering text keep it slower as well as working with system object can become a complex issue like paper. It was bit all right to have a healthier experience when reach to touch the app but now this app have gotten even more visual clarity with high range of performing scenario.

    “Display Node will attach the six other part of paper; a company recently sourced. Just this week, for example, Facebook open-sourced Pop, the animation library that drives many parts of Paper’s user interfaces”

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