• Facebook stops responding after global crash on desktop and on mobile

    “Sorry, something went wrong,” the message read for those trying to log in. “We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.”

    This message totally create confusion in the mind of  Facebook’s user because they thought their own computer or Mobile is not responding or supplying Facebook access but when they open it on their desktop together with mobile then same message display on both devices.

    Users in France, South Africa, Belgium and Germany reported being unable to log in to Facebook; they are getting a message: we’re sorry for your inconvenience.

    On this Thursday morning, 30 minutes outage in Facebook really circulates the millions of user’s mind. This first time when Facebook, one the biggest social networking site requesting for recovery what does it meant was of course there may something problems occurred on Facebook server.  Mostly user turn their own device they thought their net pack expired or some assumed lower net connectivity on their devices but after passing 15 minutes then user still cannot open their profile really make them serious why this is happening. Facebook didn’t supply the reason of this outage and this global crash on desktop or mobile once again make user curious to know the reason of this Facebook disruption.


    This Facebook outage is not only restricted on web rather mobile user cannot also able to fix their daily update like other days. This error page opens while trying to load Facebook application on their devices.

    I know this was the longest recorded downtime for any website and especially the website like top social networking site in the world; last time this tragedy record in 2013 with four hours outage times.

    Facebook captured 1.3 billions users monthly; founded by Mark Zuckerberg and has attained outstanding growth after 2004 which was its launch time. Facebook, after Google become second most visited website daily by every single users who are using internet. Even some user suggest Mark Zuckerberg “Record the level of productivity” while outage period.

    The cause of the outage remains unknown, though UK users can now log into Facebook as usual.


    In September 2010 Facebook crashed for around two-and-a-half hours, claiming a software flaw had caused a ‘huge disruption’, preventing around 135 million people from logging in.

    Facebook replied after this outage:

    “We resolved the issue quickly, and we are now backing to 100 percent. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused,” said Facebook shortly after the site began working again.

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