• Facebook add app on iOS and Android, invite nearby friend and get offline likes

    Yesterday Facebook has announced two update for ios and android; iOS 11.0 got new addition feature in which user can send friend request to nearby circle and in android version 10.0 users can make offline posting and get offline likes for any of their post. User can get these two update from Google store and app store.

    Facebook posted update for iOS version that this update will give more reliability and speed for iOS user but TechCrunch reported that after digging its feature it discover two new update for nearby friends. US version of this app adds both search and invite button for nearby location.


    Facebook added various features on Androids:

    • Your friend can like and share your photo or post when you’re offline
    • Deleted tagged you have created on post or photo
    •  You can remove the tag of yourself which was your friend created
    • You can turn on and off post notification
    • Enhance or improve speed and reliability

    These two update really make your so wonderful feeling; being able to delete any tag that your friend have created on you and be ensure you could not be get any embarrassment further due to tagged post on you.






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