• Dyson prototype a Google glass like AR headset replace vacuum cleaner

    Dyson leads on manufacturer industry prototype Google glass like AR headset which totally replaces your vacuum cleaner. 21 year earlier and after 5127 prototype James Dyson launched one of the world’s best vacuum cleaner had ever not yet invent. Within 18 months, it captured huge sale volume of Britain’s market and become most selling product in the market.

    The creation of this world’s class product James Dyson had been encountering with lots of obstacles during mapping its road map. James Dyson almost had failed to convince the entire leading manufacturer to get his idea to develop but in 1993 he decided to end up this convincing and introduce his own company in Wiltshire, England because all assumed that its impact to keep dust ditch for profitable market share.

    Since then, Dyson brand had become one of the most popular choice in the market and people named him ‘Synonymous with innovation’.  Later, a company introduced Airblade hand dryer, know as bladeless fan.

    Present Achievement of Dyson:

    He own one of the largest empowerment with more than 4000 patent application,   500 invention and company says its talented engineers are participating in 20 most popular Britain’s universities to create ‘a pipeline  of technology 25 years long’

    But among all other curiosity of fans, dryer and vacuum cleaners, it’s very easy to forget the story of one or two failure that could not grade well in the market.

    Dyson had always not support the term to reveal what he’s mapping yet for future because at earlier he always being petty coy on his invention. He always try to reveal other project on which he invest money and time as usual other did but he do not support to give any indication about his mega project because he believed that ‘never quite made it to market’. Here are the Dyson’s fame gained or familiar invention that make the world surprising and equally familiar.

    Dyson Halo (N 006)

    In 2001, Dyson had worked on this augmented reality headset which featured with 3 D full color display in it. This head mounted wearable object a person can carry in their pocket; a person can hear anything what’s going on their surrounding and can see what’s happened because it worked as a communication device and PC.

    Dyson Halo project name is 006, typically known for technology seeker then he has given its divergence from technology for this he really got fame. It resonate mostly all around because Google recent flirtation with wearable via Google glass.

    Though it never moved beyond prototype stage, Dyson has revealed quite a lot of detail about it:

    “Two plane mirrors reflected the display of two tiny monitors, mounted by your temples, onto a prism. This created an illusion of a projected, translucent, 10-inch display one meter in front of you. The screen showed a series of applications similar to the smart phones of today.”

    Virtual assistance, one of the other application through which a person can get to read out their mails and interpret with voice command on it. Just do think about these invention- ‘OK Dyson’ things have a thing, had it worked out little differently.

    Dyson expands:

    “The prototype incorporated a solid state gyro. This allowed virtual objects to be pinned to reality when moving one’s head up/down or left/right. This enabled a keyboard to be projected in front of the user so that one could type and write emails on any surface.

    The headset could be used in audio-only mode, using voice commands and text-to-speech technology.  The purpose of this was so users could drive while using the computer, or use it on the go without the display, giving the effect of having a personal assistant whispering in your ear.”

    He states that this device is actually detached from your computer; you can plug it from your monitor who worked like your actual PC. You can operate your PC activities through controller which you wore on your wrist that allow a user to move a cursor across display.

    But soon after Dyson had moved away from this project because his engineer had push this research to US and they left this research and development process and focus on their existing main project.  You cannot be make sure about the technology boon because the facet of technology are kept alive on other project then you cannot believe what’s new is going to renews by Dyson in future.

    Diesel trap(X007)

    In 1997, Dyson is again looking to define his research of cyclone that used in his vacuum cleaner technology that help filter down 0.5 particle of microns, could be applied to diesel engine, of course to make the environment combat air pollution free.

    Dyson explains:

    “Initial prototypes focused on cyclones but the required energy consumption was too high. Condensing oil onto the small particles to increase their radius came next.

    But the particle size was inconsistent, allowing inaccurate results, so the focus turned to the use of electrostatics and the final system used an electrical discharge to ionize and collect these particles, which were then burned off in an oxygen rich environment.”

    “Diesel engines now use particulate filters which clog, and as a result, drop in performance – the clogging particles are regularly burned off to improve efficiency,” says Dyson.

    With vacuum cleaner invention, Dyson had no plan to start making his technology skill on automobile manufacturing but when automobile manufacturer resist him then he pulled out his way and start work on diesel engine automobile project.

    The Dyson Fuel Cell

     Within three year of hard work and expertise engineer’s dedication Dyson’s 10 engineers pooled their brilliancy to change the Dyson’s digital motor to be used in a fuel cell.

    Now, you use hydrogen fuel cell convert chemical energy into electrical energy and they need significant to match; means regular source of hydrogen and oxygen energy to make it run.  Electricity to produce for long duration as these can be supplied.

    With the Dyson Fuel Cell, the aim was to increase performance while reducing size. “The results were impressive,” says Dyson. “The compact, lightweight and highly efficient digital motor V4HF resulted in a 20 percent increase in power density and improved efficiency. The startup time became almost 3 times faster.”

    Again he says:

    “Exploring other possibilities for the Dyson digital motor”

     So how about you that?

    Dyson’s inventions are AR headsets, diesel filter and fuel cell. Ambitions are more for Dyson but he aimed to plan $ 420 million of R&D facility expansion that could well organize and give you more exciting stuff, maybe far beyond imagination means more than cleaning your carpet and drying then soaking your hands.


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