• Developer’s reviews on Apple’s new swift programming language

    Last Monday, Apple makes surprise to developer with its new swift programming language which is for iOS and OS. They announce that this new language is in beta until iOS 8 introduced in the market-Apple’s replacement for objective C and they deem it as biggest decision ever made in past and developer claim it as much faster and easier to use. Yet Apple does not let away oldest language which actually have codebase that contain both objective-C and swift happily.

    Objective- C, it’s over 20 year old currently with various praising for dropping on aging Facebook on twitter has been mixed and it yet providing the benefits of using modern programming language that other cannot please.

    Apple says that they were doing work on Swift many years earlier, yet it has become very familiar with veteran developer which will be familiar in future with global developer. Along with faster feature it provides good closure, type inference, generic, namespace and multiple return types.

    Apple also said that this new language is easier to learn and help developer while processing for they has developed interactive playground. We further share my query about this new language and what the developer reviews they gave:

    interactive playground

    A new Apple:

    Steve Strenze said- he is exciting to have this and praise Apple that ‘they start this transition’ as swift which modeled after the benefits of Objective-C while putting a good syntax and style on it. He says that it bring me to rethink how should I design my own API, with more thoughts and emphasis he assumed how to place that on it which conveyed but overall he doesn’t expect good result but this new language work very optimistically- ‘the hump of learning to program in a new language’.

    He stated that both swift and objective-c work very effectively together in such a form that they seems to build pretty different assumption about how code will written and how API’s return data; it is still  unclear that how it will work when there is conflict while interaction.  (READ ALSO:- Best 7 Apps for Apple iphone)

    He spoke and pointed one more concern that whether developer will adopt this language or still rift occur because many were using oldest platform or many were not supporting this changes. Despite Strenze concern, he also says that it would be fully adoptable in future and it would be little silly for iOS and Mac developer to not have at least basic comprehension of the language.

    Kevin Ingersoll

    ||a web developer based in San Francisco, explained over email that “the barrier to entry looks much lower for a web developer than Objective-C, and that’s what makes me excited about Swift” and that he’s had ideas for apps but “having to invest the time into learning Objective-C was the biggest hurdle for me – that hurdle is now gone.”||

    Quentin Zervaas

    ||A developer in Australia, built a popular public transport appbelieves that Swift “reinforces that Apple is serious about making their developer tools and development workflow as easy to use, as well as looking for ways to constantly squeeze extra performance from devices.”||

    Zervaas is looking ahead to evaluate real time and debugging of code using the language and think it will simplify many syntax for developer; as he spoke earlier that he is awkward looking language but still he define it good news.

    Users on hacker news also get excited

    With nln writing that even as a non-developer the changes make him feels more comfortable starting to learn how to build apps for iOS.


    Strategy concern:

    Everything has flips side aspect; Five year experience developer Mike Said, ‘kind of annoyed by the release of Swift” pointing out that he likes Objective-C and doesn’t want to learn a new language. He continued, saying that “the advantages of Swift over Objective-C are unclear to me. At first glance this looks like innovation for the sake of innovation.” (READ ALSO:- Apple assure $ 3 billion earning amount of beats)

    -“Afraid that Swift is going to be used just for the sake of it and that it won’t offer any real value”- because he said that he is going to give a shot for this language. This is where a divide could open up between old hat and new developer to the platform that use swift.

    The excitement of WWDC was palpable; because response measure in collective wow. Because they assumed that what proportion of developer will adopt swift and on which timeline.

    Swift proves it as a revolutionary declare which would be good language platform for Ios and Mac app performace and for developer.

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