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  • 12 Awesome Search Engine Marketing Statistics

    SEO_Services Search engine marketing (SEM) is a tactic that marketers cannot afford to ignore. This  batch of stats demonstrates why. 85% of retailers surveyed said search marketing (including paid and SEO) was the most effective customer acquisition tactic. 70% of agencies predict client SEO budgets would inc

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  • 15 Useful Social Media Marketing Tips

    Social-Media-Marketing Would you like to improve your social media marketing? Social media management can be extremely time-consuming. But there are also so many ways to boost your social media marketing and improve your social media profiles in just a few minutes. We have compiled 15 blog posts that touch on the topic of

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  • How To Use Facebook and Twitter For Business

    ebook You can generate leads for your business with Facebook and Twitter. Social media presents great marketing opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Facebook and Twitter help to amplify your reach and establish brand recognition and loyalty. So, the success of a business in the online world depends

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  • Facebook stops responding after global crash on desktop and on mobile

    “Sorry, something went wrong,” the message read for those trying to log in. “We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.” This message totally create confusion in the mind of  Facebook’s user because they thought their own computer or Mobile is not responding or supplying Fac

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  • Facebook add app on iOS and Android, invite nearby friend and get offline likes

    Yesterday Facebook has announced two update for ios and android; iOS 11.0 got new addition feature in which user can send friend request to nearby circle and in android version 10.0 users can make offline posting and get offline likes for any of their post. User can get these two update from Google

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  • Facebook will soon launch open source more of the paper apps core technology

    Facebook recently announced that it will soon introduce its new open source more of the core technology at ‘f8 developer conference’. It will allow a user to certify their visit without hassling in the slowing moves of app. In a few weeks, company will launch this app in the market; it will uplo

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