• The implementation of silly icons clarify sharing in apps

    Last week there is one more announcement in apps technology; “Share” is a becoming one more universal concept for all mobile user because in the apps user or every mobile user use it daily for any new implementation on their own devices and tablets. Here the apps bucket release one by one tremen

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  • Android apps lover can found thousands Secret keys in it

    There’s number of keys found in android apps store, but there’s thousand of secret keys found more to be wary of; predominantly, that developers does not want to register their  app innovation to get a reviews assemble before transferring it live on Google Play station. This innovation

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  • iOS 8 announce new code for apps which allow running in split screen mode

    With this new release of ios 8, there is rumor publishing in keynote that Apple is aiming to set same platform like Microsoft by introducing its multi tasking split screen code for app. But in company WWDC keynote; they solely deny from it- in its keynote preview feature and work were not implementi

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  • Top five antiviruses and anti-malware app for android security

    Don’t cost your any money because android phone is not affordable every time; thus do to secure your android phone by downloading antivirus for security. The best mobile app not only provides detection of any virus on your phone rather it assures it from further malware attack with range of privac

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  • Best 7 Apps for Apple iphone

    Apple apps store is introducing most extensive and outstanding iphone apps in your hand from its collection. Start shopping for apps from bunch of Apple iphone app store. Browse easily by category; Apple guard on everything to protect it from malware attack. Currently we are providing best 7 apps fo

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  • Top 7 Apps for Android Phones 2014

    The outdated and oldest mobile phone did not provide anything to its user but current mobile user submitted heavy positive reviews on android phone use. It keeps them advance and its pocket internet store keeps them aware for everything. If you have ever been in app store then you have noticed that

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  • The Best 7 iOS Apps from April

    Welcome to the world of mobile phone where a person can see everything; what to see and what to need. It doesn’t matter which set you hold to use right now rather keen to enter right path for apps. April has recently passed out but gave ultimate apps store to the world with lost of furious and ent

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