• Best 7 Apps for Apple iphone

    Apple apps store is introducing most extensive and outstanding iphone apps in your hand from its collection. Start shopping for apps from bunch of Apple iphone app store. Browse easily by category; Apple guard on everything to protect it from malware attack. Currently we are providing best 7 apps for Apple iphone which are free to install.

    1. Yahoo finance

    Yahoo Finance

    This iphone app is really useful to finance industry. They can see what’s going on in the stock market and current stock price in the market. It gives you quick access to stock market chart, see and analyze the price fluctuation in share market or in stock exchange. It has become very effective to entire stock market and if you don’t want to see stock chart sheet then it recently add one more feature on it that is ‘video news’ through which a shareholder or buyer can listen latest price of share in stock market.

    2. Acompli email with calendar

    Acompli email with calendar

    If you got fade up from email, contact and calendar node on different tab in your email then ‘Acompli’ make your effort lower. By using Acompli you can see email, contact and calendar all in one place; it support Microsoft exchange, Email 365, Google apps and Gmail account. Another most effective feature of this app is that along with your email, contact and calendar you can view all attachment which you have shared with your contact. You can share your location as well.

    3. Piano tile

    Piano Tile

    This app basically a game app; basically in it you have two coloring game option, one is black tile and other is white. People can operate it but not everyone; the game offers five modes of play including Classic, Arcade, Zen, Rush, and Relay. Every time you tap a black tile you’ll hear a charming piano sound. The more black tiles you tap the further you go along in the game. I know, it sounds weak, but give it a try. You’ll become addicted. (Read Also:- The Best 7 iOS Apps from April)

    4. Cloak


    This app help to recognize the real location of your friend who is chatting with you and it helps you to show the actual location from where friend ping you. You can call it as antisocial network; you not need to run for a particular person because this app helps you to track all friend location. Right now instagram and foursquare support this app but company is working more on it to make it on Facebook too.

    5. Airhelp – quickest claiming app


    After Airhelp introduction passenger has to get back their compensation on any delay, canceling and postponed air fly. This app brings passenger right to claim if they find any delay in air fly; by using it they only need to enter “Flight information, Your Name”. It completed all the documental process and informs you after completion only through this app.

    6. My script calculator

    My script calculator

    My script calculator is very helpful to students, engineer, professor and teacher because it solve any mathematical complicity within a second. By using it you can easily solve the equation, root and exponential formulas. It is brilliant solution for annoying problems.

    7. AirBnB



    AirBnB is a great app to display the accommodation or hotels information around your location. This will help you to know where best accommodation is and also confirm that how many rooms are empty or available.

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