• Apple’s latest proposal to iCloud, Good news for everyone

    One of the latest approaches of Apple’s is iCloud, really Good news for everyone; mostly for developer. Cloud kit bring an effective framework for developer which lets app tab into Apple’s iCloud in such a way that they can easily work on cloud component into their mobile apps.

    This morning Quartz’s Dan Frommer pointed out this approach and spoke out “it was one of several signs during the keynote that Apple finally “gets” the cloud.

    But except the above speech, there is another fact that Apple will always take more concern of iOS and Mac developer than ever for other. It always uses to define its all concept after concerning the use of their introduction for Ios and Mac device or developer.  Last year Matt Panzarino also wrote one of his statements that there were actually two types of iCloud: Massively; it was really reliable infrastructure for Apple and it is mostly top rated app of Apple; and the hodgepodge of networking and syncing protocols that were first iteration of iCloud which were developer handed in their first innovation.

    But Apple deems not using same underlying technology in this iCloud app; it didn’t allot same feature on this CloudKit like Core Data Syncing as average iOS developer featured this app on their programming; thus they didn’t take this problem as serious for them.

    Matt Panzarino wrote:

    ||One thing that could help is if Apple dogfooded more of iCloud’s developer API features in its own apps. Dogfooding, the process of a company using its own creations internally, is a well-respected method of ensuring maturity and stability, especially in complex services like iCloud. Apple currently only uses Core Data syncing in its iTunes Trailers app, which serves a lot of video but isn’t exactly the most complicated application. Because Apple doesn’t use these features of the API as much, it doesn’t run across the problems that are being run up against by developers||

    The result of this new approach that mostly developer bring out this app for their personal use and instead starting to  index their own cloud syncing functions or integrating competing services on their phone app from Amazon, Dropbox, or Google. (READ ALSO:- Apple offer location based Apps on your lock screen in iOS 8)


    After analyzing these written statements Apple hope to implement some changes on this app soon. This last Wednesday Mr. Andreessen Horowitz analyst Benedict Evans wrote that the company is showing massive impressive technology and service inclusion on this for iOS app but they are creating same developer framework which can be easily accessible to them who downloaded any Apple’s tools.

    Andreessen Horowitz Analyst Benedict Evans wrote:

    ||Hence one could suggest that Apple loves the cloud, just not the web (or, not URLs). This is obviously a contrast with Google, which has pretty much the opposite approach. For Google, devices are dumb glass and the intelligence is in the cloud, but for Apple the cloud is just dumb storage and the device is the place for intelligence. And it’s built a whole new set of APIs, CloudKit, to enable this for developers, which it is (for the first time, I believe) dogfooding, building the photos product on it.||

    Photo editing is one of the new features on Ios 8 which Apple adds on this framework that can be use by anyone. Company say new ‘Handoff’ feature on keynote, Safari, Mail, Maps, Contacts, Notes, and Reminders ( all these feature lets you free move between app on iphone and Mac to finish any task) created on same framework and on same public API’s which are available to third party developer access.

    Everyone can get full benefits from Apple and third party developer inclusion where both are playing on same field. Apple really works hard on it and spends more effort to ensure that this framework for developer will help to sustain good qualitative approach for its own app up to snuff, “While developers won’t get blush away from inclusion of this convenient cloud component that “just work” behind the scenes.”

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