• Apple’s hotly anticipated iWatch parody which will make your question every wearable gadget

    Apple released one more funny and tech product named ‘iWatch parody’; this another tech week brings a new invention of unnecessary gadget for the people. This gadget will make you question every wearable gadget; this is newest craze in gadget lists which really not require yet for general purpose just to take for fun. It is a wearable device either you wore it as a wrist watch because Apple gave name it a iWatch means it is a same like watch to stare on your activities to ask any question on your wearable gadget.

    Mathius, YouTube is known for poking fun at technology sector, prefer this iWatch gadget as the target its latest technology. This video prove how much excited it would be, some may be assumed to get lot of surprising thing on it but it really not greeting you at all.

    “Apple watches are already doing a fine job telling time — and if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”

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    Dash Headphones

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