• Apple release Nitro JavaScript Engine for all app

    Last week release stated that Safari would able to support SPDY wasn’t the only one tool to keep the web performance level up and news to come of Apple’s 2014 WWDC event. Apple also release one more news for mobile lover that, with iOS 8, apps using the embedded web browser control, WKWebView, will attain full access to the powerful Nitro JavaScript engine. And this deal is going to be big for all mobile users.

    This JavaScript Engine has been achieving tremendous and stunning advancement from last several year because android and Smartphone user want latest technology and for it Apple examine the latest version of public.

    When you built web app then it needs to have more and more JavaScript on it to get faster and quickest performance level for user and owner because this is not a simple task for any developer to maintain proper alignment on it with proper fixing point.


    In past year many developer used traditional JavaScript engines are to get fairly basic interpreters on your website because this was by necessity if required at a time. JavaScript defined as very rich dynamic language through which your website can get ability to modify itself online very effectively, coding and runtime keep quite be adorable on the internet. Many developers assumed that optimize JavaScript on your website is very difficult task for them because it can be more complex issue as language like C or C++ can be hard to optimize easily.

    From last few years browser developers have invested hard effort in improving JavaScript execution speed by choosing various tricks and techniques from optimizing accumulators such as multi-stage JIT compiling and AOT compiling.

    Improvement through use strict” JavaScript’s strict mode helps diminish few flexibility feature on JavaScript, but more accurate analysis ability make code making easier to apply traditional compiler optimizations. Mozilla’s asm.js project extends this concept even more; but restricts it for further what JavaScript code can do to allow for better optimizations on your website.

    Apple’s Nitro engine uses a 4 tier compiling strategy which can execute JavaScript 40 times faster than a traditional JavaScript interpreter!

    Unfortunately, this JavaScript theory interpretation was not available to iOS apps. Those applications had easy accessibility to a JavaScript engine, but it was just a traditional JavaScript interpreter. Google’s Chrome browser on iOS uses UIWebView and so it could not execute JavaScript as faster as the create-in Safari browser, which did have access to the fully optimized JavaScript engine. Many iOS apps use UIWebView and were not as quicker due to this limitation. This will gain improvement in future iOS applications JavaScript engine and faster code execution will give more benefits.

    Apple has added the new WKWebView control.

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