• Apple offer location based Apps on your lock screen in iOS 8

    Yesterday Apple declare about this new feature on iOS 8 phone in WWDC keynote which will lay suggestion option on the bottom left screen side of your iphone according to your location it will notify you but according to several conversation on Macrumor forum they outlined this story on their community after they operate the system with this feature.

    After leaking, these include apps already installed on a user’s device, but still provide suggestion from the store which not yet have been purchase or installed or download by the user.

    This location based app bring a low sweating effort while searching because suggestion show up in the same location as the immediate for continuity feature of Apple for using between iOS and Mac device.


    This feature gives you relevant contextual keynote software which however allow you to comfortable open the desired location at present stand suppose like you’re in Starbucks then you can easily open Starbucks app and this app will suggest you a relevant or desirable train station info that would be comfortable for you. This feature does not need to update it with any new modification because it does not need any modification on the part of developer; but they do need to get a good appearance on this app such a real time, ticket machine and registers.

    One use spoke out his experience as earlier he felt, ‘He says that when he was in UCSC campus then he saw suggestion on his phone but without installation’; it gives them direct link connection to the app store but he haven’t install it on his device. Another similar story of Mac rumor showed that how another visitor of Costco immediate goes over the app link in the store. The user use locks screen and swiping up access but cannot able to access to another part of app store after following the suggestion. (READ ALSO:- Apple’s hotly anticipated iWatch parody which will make your question every wearable gadget)

    Last year Apple launched ‘Popular Near me’ feature in iOS 7 from its apps store. It provides you right to download the list of commonly used app in your area from the other app store. It increases the latest or freshest level of contextual relevancy to app store discovery; it helps the user to use earlier app which he has installed but forgotten to use yet. It keeps more visitor loyalty or attention on used apps and which drive more visitors and making it more worth for their time for developer who made deep effort to build that integration into software.

    Contextual smarts now booming in the Smartphone platform; Google also suffer due to its feature and good functionality but moving forward we can find that by providing prompt that can lead any action in any particular location of any part.  User feel that this new feature is not enough unobtrusive which can intruded by any suggestion on them.

    Still we have to wait for what new updates with this feature and how developer builds it to the market for getting more leads.

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