• Apple assure $ 3 billion earning amount of beats

    The present day Apple confirmed that it attained $ 3 billion acquisition amount of beats electronics which is mainly popular for its headphones series along with less famous streaming music services. This purchase was made on cash and stock option; the roughly buying amount was $ 2.6 billions in cash and rest with an additional $ 400 billion in stock that will pay over time. This purchase makes Apple ever never acquisition amount.

    Beats co-founder and music mogul Jimmy Iovine said in a statement

    He had “always known in [his] heart that Beats belonged with Apple.” In fact, the company itself drew inspiration from Apple’s combination of culture and technology. Hip-hop legend Dr. Dre and Iovine can now repay the favor as they join Apple.


    Eddy Cue, the Apple SVP who oversees iTunes, said in a statement

    The addition Beats will make Apple’s music lineup “even better” by adding a subscription service to its existing Internet radio and online store offerings.

    In this late September which could be Apple’s fiscal fourth quarter; the deal, which still waiting for regulatory approval which expected to end in this closure.

    The news of Beats purchase leaked out earlier in May, Dr. Dre, subsequent video which was posted by actor Tyrese Gibson, make this acquisition publically. This news made them to acknowledge displaying their earning share on Beats purchase.

    “Beats Music launched early this year to compete with Spotify, Radio and Apple’s own iTunes Radio. Earlier today, the service lowered its yearly pricing to $99 and extended its free trial to 14 days”

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