• Android apps lover can found thousands Secret keys in it

    There’s number of keys found in android apps store, but there’s thousand of secret keys found more to be wary of; predominantly, that developers does not want to register their  app innovation to get a reviews assemble before transferring it live on Google Play station.

    This innovation can mean several things for developer because they assumed that users can never be 100 percent sure that the app they are installing from android app store solely secure for their devices. This has been confirmed once again by researchers Jason Nieh, professor of computer science, and Nicholas Viennot, PhD candidate, at Columbia University, who have performed a content analysis of apps on the store using a scalable tool designed for the purpose called PlayDrone.

    PlayDrone uses “hacking techniques” to eye wash Google’s security to install Google Play apps, and then retrieve and vetting their sources from where it is coming. It can measure by simply merging more servers in it; in this way, it helps to maintain to rejoin over 880,000 of the 1.1 million free apps it installed from store.


    The researchers said similar statement what Nieh and Viennot; they found that developers often save their secret keys in their app software, to username and password data which can then be steal user’s data or resources from entities such as Amazon and Facebook. Even “Top Developers” advertise by Google Play have included these vulnerabilities in their apps.

    Viennot say:

    Google is start working on it to fix the problems of insecurity and the companies are also start combining its work with Google, Amazon, Facebook and other identifying companies that help to modify customer are at risk and make Google play store much safer to users. Google pay proactively attention to short out this type of issue in the future. Even company contacted developer so that they can delete secret keys from their source codes.

    The work for PlayDrone isn’t over: Nieh and Viennot believe that it can be used to supply insight into Android apps and improve the better quality of Google Play. For instance, it’s roughly estimation that the tool found 25 percent of all free apps on Google Play is clones of other apps. This news can help Google crack down on cloned content, which would be happiest news for developers who are building original apps.

    You can also measure these are 10 top rated and 10 worst rated apps on the Google Play store, and you get to know that even low rated app- a fake measure scale that assumed to get at top whatever you exit it on your phone but only show a random number – has over a million installations.

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